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              The Egyptian Eye Giant Tempate was inspired by Sheri Butler.                    
2 sizes, 12 for Mid Arm machines and 15 for Long Arm machines.
Continuous stitching
                   12   Queen +1/2    2+1/2 sections        110 inches     $ 309.00
                   12   King 3 sections                             133 inches     $ 339.00

                   15   Queen +1/2    2+1/2 sections        112 inches     $ 309.00
                   15   King 3 sections                             135 inches     $ 339.00
 Sewing Instructions
Lay boards on back table with "EY" at top away from you.
Center on rubber shelf liner so that the stylus pulled back
 will go in the bottom groove all the way across. Start in the
first line from which ever side you do usually.
Sew to the end and then Sew in the border up to next line and sew back.
When you get to get to the upper line of the eye with the vertical groove,
go into the groove, go around the eye, exit and continue. Upon exiting,
you may want to go back a stitch before going forward again.
This make sure you do not leave a gap.  When finished, cut thread and
put the stylus in one of the registration holes at the bottom.
Advance the quilt until the  needle is over the last line stitched. 
Check the other registration hole to make sure quilt is advancing
evenly. This will leave the proper distance between the last and first line.
Sheri's first go with the Eye
She's happy! She didn't want clams, she didn't want swirls, she didn't want Baptist fans. She LOVES the Egyptian Eye!
Her grandmothers 1930's blocks were sewed together using a repo 1930's fabric and repo 1930's backing. She now has her grandmothers blocks in a quilt to snuggle up with!
I think the Egyptian Eye has a lot to offer for both new modern quilts AND old ones as well. Mens/boys quilts, as you can see in the last 2 pics the backing, one going up and down, looks like a tree trunk design. 
I also can see this on baby quilts!
Note....if you use the center eye, and the 2 lines above and 2 lines below the eye, you will have a 4" border design!!!  Double the whammy here! Large over all template AND a 4" Border! Ya cant beat that!  
Debbie loaded the quilt on its side for a vertical pattern


Judy's Quilt by Dell Dunman

Quilt by Vickie Oliver

Dell's for Bev C



Quilt by Patricia Davis-Scott

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